The Optimize network of solutions extends to many technologies and providers. From the latest in Cloud Technologies to the most traditional of communications solutions we provide the right option for each client.

  • Network Optimization

    Large organizations have years of building stable, reliable solutions. The communications needs and options for the users is rapidly advancing to push the boundaries and capacities of established networks. Optimize offers options and complements to the voice and data solutions already deployed within your environment.

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  • Cloud Enablement

    Over the last several years IT resources have shifted to the cloud. Whether it is Data Storage, IP Voice, CRM, Custom Applications, et all. we are required to provide more access, from more locations, at higher speeds. Optimize has several secure options for delivering greater cloud enablement to users while maintaining the integrity of existing networks and their manageability.

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  • Unified Communications

    Your Unified Communications environment is the platform which delivers communication within your organizations. Users want easy, multi device access to reach their contacts and communicate. From Desk phone to desktop, to tablet to mobile phone, they all need to reach other users reliably and securely. Optimize will work with your to develop a comprehensive strategy to your Unified Communications.

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  • Network Data Services

    Your network is the key to things working reliably. a strong network solution is the core to a strong enterprise IT. Optimize grew up designing and supporting data networks of all kinds. From digital 56K to Frame Relay to MPLS to Ethernet private Line to today’s SD WAN options. We have been at the heart of these solutions and their delivery. We work with some of the best in breed for network delivery.

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  • Traditional Telecom Voice Services

    Traditional Telecom Technologies still play a large role in the communications world. Optimize has MANY years of experience with these services. PRI, Long Distance, Toll Free, all are present in most networks of any size. We will assist in product and provider selections, negotiate costs and project manage the deliveries.

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  • Contact Center

    The Optimize founder, Jeff Taverna, has designed and delivered many contact center voice and data options for companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, Medica Insurance Company, Homeownership Preservation Foundation and countless others. Each call center has its own unique needs. Optimize will work with your to determine your needs and design the solution which best meets your organization’s goals.

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  • Mobility

    Mobility is an ever evolving market with new options daily. Optimize work with a select few partners who deliver wonderful customer focussed solutions. We cover Mobile Device Management and multiple carrier billing for a single enterprise. From at&t to other custom offerings we develop solutions to best fit your needs.

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  • Consulting & Management

    Optimize offers C Level consulting and management solutions to any organizations. For those who require it we can provide services from a full network evaluation, network roadmap, disaster recovery and call center design. We also offer a monthly management service to include vendor management and full expense management.

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  • Gain Share Corporate Savings

    For the right CIO or CFO Gain Share Savings can be great way to obtain a large win for a corporation without taking on great risk or change. Gain Share uses Optimize’ marketplace strength to negotiate costs and solutions for a client, manage the vendors to implement and delivers a significant savings which are shared between the company and Optimize. No fees are assessed until savings are delivered.

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