Cloud Enablement

Over the last several years IT resources have shifted to the cloud. Whether it is Data Storage, IP Voice, CRM, Custom Applications, et all. we are required to provide more access, from more locations, at higher speeds. Optimize has several secure options for delivering greater cloud enablement to users while maintaining the integrity of existing networks and their manageability.

Keys to Cloud Success

A universal truth has been discovered by all companies migrating services to the cloud; the key to cloud success is connectivity. It is access to the cloud, not the cloud itself which is impacting the success of cloud strategies.

We have a few methods of improving this through new WNV appliance technologies. They eliminate the need for BGP and fully manage failover, latency, packet reassembly and other negative impacting network items.

As expected we utilize traditional network elements into our client’s strategies as well. We are always keeping in mind, it is the client’s network and their success we are targeting.

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