Why Optimize?

Optimize provides professional experience, with superior industry knowledge and flexible solutions. These combine to bring custom Communications Solutions which match your business needs.

Optimize founder, Jeff Taverna, has been designing, developing and delivering custom voice and data solutions for over 20 yrs. His commitment to your success makes a difference in the delivery.

The Optimize Difference

Optimize is a company which can be described in many ways. The primary description of what we do is provide Communications Solutions for customers. We develop practical, reliable solutions for you and your organization. We use modern network products where we see fit, traditional where they fit, but overall the solution will be practical, reliable and cost effective.

Our 5 Step Process

Our engagement with a new Enterprise customer often begins with us applying our proven 5 step process to your communications environment. It has been proven over the years to bring a performance and cost in line and on going management to maintain optimization.

  1. DISCOVERY: It is often said “You can fix what you cannot measure.” We start with this principle and we gather every invoice and every contract for all communications services within the organization. We store this into our industry leading, cloud based asset management system – OPTIMIZE! From there we now have a launch point from which to begin optimizing your environment.
  2. CLEANUP: After we have collected the details of all installed services, we work with your teams and vendor partners to align all services to their contracted or eligible best rates and optimized quantities. This is a great start to savings.
  3. OPTIMIZATION: This step defines the communications roadmap and the significant value of the process. With all the information at our fingertips and our cleanup completed we can now develop the roadmap to improve productivity, reliability, manageability and cost of the network. This is an account and engineering exercise which takes a comprehensive look at all services, current and future business goals and budget. The outcome is a plan to execute for your communications services strategy.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION: Optimize will work with the selected services vendors and provide a professional project management which can include up to a fully loaded OPTIMIZE! engagement for Life Cycle Management.
  5. LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT: Once the roadmap is underway our professional Lifecycle Management can be deployed to manage all assets, invoices, budget, and provide a vehicle for planning and continued service.

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