Small/Mid-Sized Businesses Solutions

Your small or midsize business needs a partner to drive you through the confusing changes in the market. You need to know what brings value, what brings performance, what is just noise? We will work through all of this to develop a solution for your business.

Common New Solutions

Here are some common new solutions working well for small and mid sized businesses in North America.

Cloud Voice

Do not purchase another phone system! That’s right, you don’t need to own a phone system to have to best in class unified communications for your company. We deliver high quality IP voice which offers great flexibility such as:

  • Have a worker at home appear in office
  • Connect remote offices as a single with three digit dial and group management
  • Low cost LD
  • Desktop messaging and conferencing with team members and customers
  • Video conferencing
  • No capital expense

WAN Optimization and Cloud Enablement

With more and more of your vendors pushing us to use their cloud apps to interface with them, we have an increased reliability on the internet. We offer low cost effective solutions for bonding internet solutions and enhancing connectivity to cloud applications. This can significantly improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Low Cost Voice

If you choose to use your premise based system, we have wonderful low cost voice options to integrate with your equipment; keeping costs down and reliability up!

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